Cultivating Generosity Campaign

As we approach the beginning of our new fiscal year in July, we are trying something new. When you read through the gospels, we see that Jesus talks a lot about our relationship with money. How we steward our resources has the potential to draw us closer to our resurrected Lord and Savior. So, this year, we want to pilot an approach that mirrors Jesus’ desire to encourage generosity in the hearts of His followers.

We are calling this our Cultivating Generosity Campaign, and it has several elements:
  • A 20-Day Devotional that our Community Groups will use & can be used for individual edification
  • A short book by Randy Alcorn called The Treasure Principle that encourages spiritual growth by examining Jesus’ desire to be Lord over every area of our lives
  • A dynamic discussion of how cultivating generosity has impacted several COS congregants in their walk with Jesus
  • An opportunity for our church to pursue God’s heart by intentionally taking our own unique situation before Him in prayer, seeking the leading of the Holy Spirit, so that we can respond in a tangible way through a pledge commitment towards the 2023-2024 budget
  • And an equipping opportunity led by one of our elders on Sunday mornings this summer, for those who feel stirred to go deeper in this area of discipleship

Jesus talked about our relationship with money than of faith and prayer combined because He knows the power of money to become a rival god that steals our allegiance and ultimately robs us of divine joy and purpose.

Talking about this truth is one thing, but living it out is another.

Will you prayerfully consider how you can partner with Jesus and COS to see Him transform lives? Here are a few options:
  • Begin tithing – Maybe you have never tithed (10%), and God is leading you to do this.
  • Begin percentage giving – Maybe you can’t tithe right now but feel led to start giving a percentage of your income. Pray about starting at a lower percentage and then build gradually towards 10%.
  • Take the next percentage step towards a tithe – Maybe you have been giving a percentage, but it is not yet 10%. Prayerfully consider taking that next step (e.g., you are giving 5%; take the next step to 8%).
  • Take the next percentage step beyond a tithe – Maybe the baseline of a tithe does not represent sacrificial giving for you (Mark 12:41-44). God has blessed you abundantly, and now you are feeling led to give more than you can spare.
  • Begin ____________ – Maybe you feel prompted by God to give in another way not mentioned above.

20-day Stewarship Study

In partnership with our community group sermon notes, join us as we walk through this devotional in stewardship by Redeemer Presbyterian in NYC.

The Treasure Principle

Please pick-up a copy of Randy Alcorn's book, The Treasure Principle! If you would like additional copies, here is a link to the book on Amazon: