What is Faith in context?

Faith in Context is a speaker series that explores big questions at the interface of the Christian faith and our broader culture. Our goal is to create authentic spaces for students, their friends, and families, to explore faith commitments in view of emerging findings in the sciences. Wherever you are on your faith journey – a committed Christ follower, agnostic, or an atheist–these events are non-confrontational spaces for you to explore hard questions with a spirit of open mindedness and curiosity. 

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Dr. Sarah Schnitker

Our guest, Dr. Sarah Schnitker, is a Christian professor of psychology and neuroscience at Baylor who researches virtue development.

Dr. Liz Hall

"How to Suffer Well: 5 Lessons I Wish My Church Had Taught Me"
Dr. Liz Hall, a clinical psychologist at Biola, who specializes in meaning-making in suffering, will share her powerful story of how misconceptions and wrong theology almost robbed her of a sense of purpose during her fight with cancer, and why the Christian discipline of lament is crucial to our spiritual and mental health. In addition to Liz's talk, we will reflect on these lessons through a practical workshop and a time of personal, guided reflection on lament. 

Dr. Mark Yarhouse

Mark is a professor of Psychology at Wheaton College in Illinois, specializing in conflicts tied to religious identity and sexual and gender identity. Mark will explore emerging research on sexual development in adolescents, common assumptions or misconceptions on gender fluidity/dysphoria, and explore related theological perspectives through a various lens including parenting and pastoral ministry.

Dr. Justin Barrett

Dr. Justin is President of BluePrint 1543 and honorary Professor of Theology and the Sciences at St. Andrews University School of Divinity. He is a psychologist of religion, having conducted research on how and why people believe in God. Justin’s talk will explore recent findings in his field while engaging two prevalent secular narratives: religion is nothing but a psychological crutch, and our notion of free will is just an illusion.

Dr. Jeff Hardin

Jeff Hardin is a professor in the Department of Integrated Biology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where his research focuses on embryonic development. He has dual terminal degrees, both an M.Div and Ph.D., and thus, Jeff is intimately aware of the tensions that exist between science and theology. Jeff will provide a biological sketch of how he came to reconcile these two systems of knowledge and explore ways that science and faith can coexist and even complement each other. 

Dr. John Walton

John is a professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College in Illinois, and an editor and writer of Old Testament comparative studies and commentaries. Walton’s research is focused on comparing the culture and literature of the Bible and the ancient Near East. His talks will engage a common refrain in our secular society: The Bible is an outdated piece of literature that is full of errors, and thus, it is largely irrelevant for meaning-making in the 21st century.