Equipping courses

We have semester-long equipping courses that meet for a particular study and classes that meet together every week throughout the year. Each Sunday morning, a number of adult (18+) groups meet during the 9:00 am and 10:30 am hours for Bible study, discussion, and fellowship in a smaller group setting. 

New members class - A120

September 10 & 17 | 8:45 am

Learn about Church of the Saviour’s amazing history, vision, mission, doctrinal positions, and church governance. This will also provide an opportunity for us to get to know you and your story with God.

This class is divided into two parts. Join us Sunday, September 10 & 17 in person from 8:45 am to 10:10 am in the reception room (Building A, room A120).

Please plan to attend both dates. For any questions, please email stephenc@coswayne.org.
Walk-ins are welcomed!

9:00 am courses

Rooted - B205

Starting September 17 | 9:00 am

Rooted is an experience designed to help you connect to God, the church, and your purpose. It is relevant for anyone wherever you are in your spiritual journey. Rooted is recommended as the next connecting point for people finishing Alpha, or those who are new to Church of the Saviour looking for community, as well as those desiring to practice looking for where God is working in their lives. Community is built as the group connects around studying the Bible, prayer, sharing stories and serving. We hope you join us and can’t wait to share this experience together!

Questions? Contact Erin Smith at portraitsbyerinmichele@gmail.com.

Student ministry Parent Partnership - B201

Starting September 17 | 9:00 am

Our Student Ministry leaders are excited to engage our middle school and high school parents to discuss the value of partnering with and equipping each other for the ministry of raising teenagers. Over four weeks, you'll have an opportunity to get to know our leaders and other parents, learn and grow together, and discuss topics that your students will be engaging in youth group this year.

Your Career Matters to god - B217

Starting September 17 | 9:00 am

Join Kris Kraihanzel as he digs into how all aspects of our lives, including our career choices, matter to God. Kris leverages Scripture and his own family and career experience to shape this dynamic course, creating an engaging learning environment geared toward young adults just getting started. 

Forgiveness - b201

* Starting October 15 * | 9:00 am

Forgiving anyone in a meaningful way is one of the hardest things a person has to do. If you do not, resentment and vengeance begin to consume you. It is nearly impossible to move past transgression without forgiveness, but few people have the resources and the tools to forgive others fully and move on with their lives. Forgiveness is an essential skill, a moral imperative, and a religious belief that cuts right to the core of what it means to be human. In Forgive, Timothy Keller shows readers why it is so important and how to do it, explaining in detail the steps you need to take in order to move on without sacrificing justice or your humanity.

10:30 am courses

Financial Peace University - B202

Starting September 17 | 10:30 am

If you want real and lasting financial peace in your life, Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU) is for you! Through motivating and humorous presentations based on Biblical principles and practical methods, you will learn how to successfully manage your finances. FPU is for everyone – young adults, married or single adults, seniors and teens, regardless of whether you are financially secure, just starting out or financially distressed. Please contact Mike Winter at mwinter133@aol.com for more information on the class.

Life without LAck - B201

Starting September 17 | 10:30 am

Written with Dallas Willard’s characteristic gentle wisdom, Life Without Lack reveals the secret to enjoying God’s presence and becoming utterly caught up in his abundant generosity. The more we practice living in his presence, the more we experience the peace and freedom from worry that is promised in the psalm. Based on a series of talks by the late author and edited by his friend Larry Burtoft and his daughter, Rebecca Willard Heatley, Life Without Lack will forever change the way you understand and apply the most well-known passage in all of Scripture. Contact Jeff Whitebread jwhitebread@gmail.com for more information.

Year-Round Classes


The Koinonia class is welcoming to all interested in the question of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. This Summer, they will be studying Three Uses of the Law as well as various testimonies from class members. This Sunday class is a hybrid meeting at 9:00 am, in-person in room F101 and virtually on Zoom. Please contact Craig Greenwood at cm.greenwood@yahoo.com for meeting details.


Studying Scriptural topics with a strong emphasis on global missions. This group also has a strong interest in missions locally as well. Our Sunday school includes people from diverse backgrounds who have an interest in building relationships as we learn about and participate in God's mission in the world. The Summer semester will include studies on Raising a Biblical Family (Evans), Psalm 23 (Whitebread), and Ephesians (De Huff). This group meets 10:30 am in room A109/111 offering a hybrid of in-person and virtually. Please email info@coswayne.org for more information.


This adult singles ministry class meets in-person and virtually on Sunday mornings from 10:30 to 12:30 pm in F101 for a time of Bible study, discussion, and prayer. This spring, they will be studying the parables of Jesus. For more information, contact Frank Comeau at cptfjc@gmail.com.

Outside the Box

Outside the Box is a book discussion class that explores Christian books on a variety of topics related to being a disciple of Jesus. We discuss a chapter or two every week during our meeting time. We are open to anyone high school aged or older and meet Sunday mornings in B208 from 10:30 to 11:45 am. For information on how to connect, email Rachel and Joel Kamm at bukoray@gmail.com. Outside the Box will be taking a mid-summer break.

Seeking His Face

Seeking His Face is a class for all adults of any age that enjoy prayer, fellowship, and studying books of the Bible and various topics. Don Joye is teaching a 5-week video course on the History of Christianity. They meet at 10:30 am in room A110/112. For more information, contact Dick Anthony at legalanthony@verizon.net.

Walk Thru the Bible

Walk Through The Bible studies each book of the Bible, in depth, using homework and class discussion as tools offered by various teachers to gain knowledge and insight of each book. The class is made up of friendly people with caring hearts for the truth on scripture and each other. Walk Thru the Bible meets on Sundays at 9:00 am in Building B, room B206 and is currently studying 1 Samuel. Please contact Bob Clugston at robert_clugston@yahoo.com for more information.