Community groups

You aren't meant to do life alone.

Get connected to a Community Group to start building relationships, growing in your faith and getting equipped to handle life together!  

Our community groups meet at various times and locations. The majority of our community groups are sermon based groups that provide a  safe place for discussion. from the prior week and personally apply the scriptures.

Click below for our sermon study notes that are provided each week to facilitate ease of use for both leaders and group participants.

Our Community groups occur in three 10-week terms throughout the year: September-December; January-March; March-June. Fall community groups begin meeting the week of September 20.

If you're new and would like to join a community group now, please email

Sermon Notes

Leader Notes

Kids Notes

Leaders & Potential Leaders

Looking to lead a Community Group? New Leader Training is held three times a year. Contact Drew or Deneen to learn more.