Pastors & Staff

In alphabetical order

Leticia Altamirano 

Preschool Coordinator

leticiaa@coswayne.org | ext. 227 

Drew Angus

Executive Pastor

Drew came to Church of the Saviour in 2017 and works to come alongside new and current ministry leaders and volunteers to support and develop their strengths. He has a Master of Arts degree in New Testament and a Doctor of Ministry degree in Missional Leadership from Biblical Theological Seminary. He & his wife, Ann, have two sons, Luke & Caleb. 

Deborah Bitzer

Student Ministry Associate

deborahb@coswayne.org | ext. 286

Cindy Casey

Finance Director

cindyc@coswayne.org | ext. 204 

Stephen Chang

Family Pastor

stephenc@coswayne.org | ext. 250 

Jim Dougherty

Worship Pastor

jimd@coswayne.org | ext. 277

Kevin Flannery

Senior Pastor

Kevin has been senior pastor since 2015. His schooling includes a BA from Texas A&M, two master's degrees (Counseling & Divinity) and a Doctor of Ministry. Kevin has been married to his wife, Cheryl, since 1991 and they have one extraordinary daughter, McKenzie. 

Fred Grohosky

Grounds Manager

fredg@coswayne.org | ext. 267

Debra G.

Manager of Global Outreach

debrag@coswayne.org | ext. 207

Dan Klassen

Information Technologies Manager

dank@coswayne.org | ext. 293

Andy Lenko

Worship Associate

andyl@coswayne.org | ext. 256 

James Mazzone

Business Director

jamesm@coswayne.org | ext. 233 

Deneen McDonald

Women's Director

deneenm@coswayne.org | ext. 211

Howard McFarland

Housekeeping Coordinator

howardm@coswayne.org | ext. 241

Beverly Moore


bevem@coswayne.org | ext. 254

David Rogel

Media Arts Manager

davidr@coswayne.org | ext. 283

Paul Rogers

Maintenance Manager

paulr@coswayne.org | ext. 243  

Cindy Rumsey

Elementary Coordinator

cindyr@coswayne.org | ext. 223

Katerina Simbo

Kids Ministry Director

katerinas@coswayne.org | ext. 219

Janice Shehan

Nursery Coordinator

janices@coswayne.org | ext. 244

Roy Shirley

Care Ministry Director

roys@coswayne.org | ext. 246

Katarina storey

Ministry Coordinator

katarinas@coswayne.org | ext. 200

Fran Veira

Student Ministry Pastor

franv@coswayne.org | ext. 285

Evan Wildermuth

Ministry Coordinator

evanw@coswayne.org | ext. 205

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