Vision 23-24

DARING GREATLY: Spending Ourselves in a Worthy Cause

This year's schedule for Vision Day looked a little different. Instead of combining both the annual business meeting (where we elect and ratify elders and review the 2023-2024 budget) and vision casting (where we share our goals and the areas of focus God has been impressing on our pastor and leadership team), we split these into two separate but consecutive Sundays.

Our goal was to keep worship as the primary focus for our Sunday services, minimizing disruption to our schedule (especially for visitors), while engaging all of our members and attendees in the vision we feel God leading us toward. This also allowed us to reach many who wanted to participate but couldn't attend in person.

Annual BusIness meeting - June 4 | 11:45 am

The Annual Business Meeting was held after the Modern Service, to review the budget, elect and ratify elders, and discuss any other business. The meeting was livestreamed and recorded for virtual attendees.

Vision Sunday worship Services - June 11 | 9:00 & 10:30 am

During our regular worship services (Traditional Worship at 9:00 am and Modern Worship at 10:30 am), Pastor Kevin shared more about the vision God has given us for the upcoming ministry year - a vision of DARING GREATLY: Spending Ourselves in a Worthy Cause. He dug into what it looks like to live generously - giving our time, talents, and treasure for the Kingdom - as we reengage in serving and refocus toward outreach & evangelizing. He specifically called us to DO 2 this fall!

All Church Picnic

After our Vision Sunday Worship Services, we celebrated with food, fun, and fellowship!