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donor Advised fund

A donor-advised fund, or DAF, is an account where you can deposit assets for donation to charity over time. The donor gets a tax deduction for making contributions to the donor-advised fund. The sponsoring organization manages the account; the donor recommends how to invest the assets and where to donate them. Church of the Saviour accepts Donor Advised Funds. Please email or call 610-688-6338 with any questions.

Stock Gift

Church of the Saviour accepts stock gifts. Please email or call 610-688-6338 with any questions.
Online giving allows for a specific amount to be deducted automatically from a checking or savings account, which can be set up as a one-time or recurring gift. Giving in this way is easy and secure, and all donations made to Church of the Saviour are held in strict confidence. We accept online donations in the form of electronic check or credit card to any of the following funds:
  • Ministry/Operations Fund
  • Missions Fund
  • Love-in-Action
Church of the Saviour is committed to faithful stewardship and financial integrity in the acceptance and use of all resources.
To schedule a recurring gift, you must first login or register for Realm. From there can access your Giving History and manage recurring gifts.

Support Short Term Missions

The money raised in support of this team will be used to pay the expenses of the team going on this short-term missions trip, not merely a specific individual’s expenses. Expenses may include gifts to the missionaries visited by the team and to their ministry. 
Funds received in excess of the expenses of a specific trip are retained in Church of the Saviour’s Short-Term Missions Fund and may be used for the expenses of future short-term missions trips which do not raise sufficient funds, and for other purposes consistent with the Church of the Saviour’s missions ministry.