Employment Opportunities

The staff at Church of the Saviour is built up of people who feel called to be the hands and feet of Jesus to Wayne & beyond. We constantly seek to be encouraging and faithful servants to one another and our congregation. Our team is one that values togetherness, kindness, enthusiasm, and passion for reaching the lost.

director of operations

The Director of Operations will be responsible for the overall leadership and direction of the church operations team, leading all functional areas to accomplish the church’s mission. This includes strategic planning, finance, development, administration, communications, human resources, and operations. As a member of church staff, the Director of Operations will work alongside the Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, and fellow staff members to pursue the church’s vision, in keeping with our mission, discipleship process, culture and values. Click here for the job description. Please send a résumé and cover letter to cos@coswayne.org.

Communications Director

The Communications Director will be responsible for organizing and unifying all communication channels within the church, partnering with each ministry to develop a strategic plan for communications and marketing, and mobilizing a creative team of staff and volunteers to deliver high-impact messages for internal and external audiences. Click here for the job description. Please send a résumé and cover letter to cos@coswayne.org.

Student Ministry Associate

The Student Ministry Associate will provide spiritual leadership to teens and college students by reflecting personally, and expressing relationally, God’s love in a dynamic, loving, Bible-based student ministry setting. This position will also work closely with parents, student ministry volunteers, and student leaders to create a welcoming environment where young people can thrive and grow. As a member of church staff, the Student Ministry Associate will work alongside fellow staff members to pursue the church’s mission, in keeping with our vision, mission, discipleship process, culture, and values. Click here for full job description. Please send a résumé and cover letter to smsearch@coswayne.org.

Teacher Aide

Heritage School is looking for a teacher aide. Please apply to lorrainel@heritagekids.org

Walkway Snow Shoveler

Church of the Saviour in Wayne, PA, needs able bodies to serve on our walkway shoveling team during snow events. Duties include clearing walkways of snow and ice using shovels, salt, and snow blowers. Our preferred communication method is texting. Usually, we text a day or two before a potential inclement-weather event to confirm your availability, then again with the time to report. We pay $20 per hour with a four-hour minimum. We also provide food if you work during a mealtime. Regular checks are mailed, or available for pick up, the week following a snow event. At the end of the season, you will also receive a $5 per hour bonus for every hour worked during the season if you arrive on time for each snow event. This bonus check will be mailed to you in April.
If you are interested in being on our shoveling-team call list, please text your full name to Paul Rogers, our Maintenance Manager, at 609-413-6623.
Thank you for your interest in serving our church's congregation!


Flexible housekeeping position available. Saturday and Sunday work, 14-16 hours a week. Please email jervist@coswayne.org for more information, or to apply.